Physical gold and silver reflects nothing less than your personal insurance in an uncertain world!
"Wealth preservation in premium quality gold bars ...
...or in premium quality silver bars ...
or in the most liquid and highest quality gold coins ...
... or in the most liquid and highest quality silver coins."
" High security storage outside the Banking System"

"Owning gold is important. Holding it in the right format and place is paramount!"


The world's financial system and fiat currency model entail flaws that require prudent precautionary measures. A growing number of savvy investors recognize this. In the interest of preserving and growing their wealth, they wish to safely store allocated precious metals in a secure location, from where the metals can be delivered anytime and anywhere, or sold promptly and conveniently when the time is right. Continue reading >>

That is why Global Gold offers investors the possibility to acquire and safely store physically allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium in Switzerland, Hong Kong and a few other select international jurisdictions - outside the banking system. More >>

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Physical precious metals outside the banking system 

The comprehensive Starter Kit explains the rationale of owning precious metals in physical form outside the banking system. It explains in detail the options of investors. In sum, it is a practical guideline on how to get started in general and how to benefit from the solution that is offered by Global Gold. » Get the Starter Kit now

“In general, we don’t know what might work for the future in a world full of uncertainty. But most of us know for sure what does not work or, in the words of Nassim Taleb, “the greatest and most robust contribution to knowledge consist in removing what we think is wrong.” (he calls it the subtractive epistemology). Consequently it can be said that printing wealth out of nothing is nonsense; it can work for a short time but will always end in a full scale collapse”.

Claudio Grass

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