Physical gold and silver reflects nothing less than your personal insurance in an uncertain world!
"Wealth preservation in premium quality gold bars ...
...or in premium quality silver bars ...
or in the most liquid and highest quality gold coins ...
... or in the most liquid and highest quality silver coins."
" High security storage outside the Banking System"

Global Gold was founded to offer its clients a rock solid solution that is taking all foreseeable threats into consideration which are linked to a possible crash of the actual monetary and financial system.

Therefore we consider the following features a must in order to achieve client expectations even - and particularly - during a severe financial crisis.



Facilitated "outside" of the banking system. No dependence on the functioning of stock exchanges or banks.  

Direct and unencumbered ownership

You own precious metals directly, with no counterparty risk. They are not exposed to any creditor obligations.

Free of value-added tax

Free of any VAT that would ordinarily apply. Deliveries out of the Global Gold vaults will only be subject to a VAT if shipped to countries where a VAT regime exists.

Insured and audited

Insured for the full value against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary.  Internal audits are conducted on a monthly basis. Global Gold's entire stock holdings are  physically audited annually by one of the big four international auditing firms.

Promptly deliverable

Your coins and bars are deliverable promptly at any time, within Switzerland or internationally. No fabrication-related delays or costs at the time of delivery.

High-security storage

High-security vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore. Recognized specialists run the state-of-the-art security infrastructures.

Free of cash settlement clauses and the like

Global Gold does not have any cash settlement clauses or other crisis provisions that would restrict you from delivering or selling your metals promptly. After all, it is specifically for the purpose of protecting our clients’ assets from severe financial crisis scenarios. A financial crisis will not stop us from operating, because we are not a bank solution. Precious metals are not bought from or sold to banks. Consequently, you are able to transact with us whether stock markets and banks are open or not.

Quality coins and bars

The sourcing partners, all internationally recognized mints, refineries and wholesalers, guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products they deliver. The most liquid and internationally recognized coins and bars are available. Formats that are subject to a heightened risk of forgery (such as the 12.5 kg gold bar) are excluded from the standard assortment.

Competitive Pricing

The pricing offered by us is highly competitive and superior to any comparable allocated solution.

Under Swiss Law

Global Gold operates under Swiss law, ensuring the highest possible levels of safety in terms of respecting property rights outside the banking system. 





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